Eshop with technical standards and publications

Given that we have become contractual partners of leading companies from many countries that deal with issuing technical standards, we can offer you very fast delivery conditions, but also the best prices on the market. The actual technical standards, but also publications can be ordered in our eShop. More informations

New standards

This section is used to determine the standards and the changes that were recently issued. More informations

Bulletion ÚNMZ - free for download

Archive of bulletion published from 1998 to the present. More informations

Electronic version standards

Service consists of the transfer of company standards and corporate withdrawals from CSN to electronic form with a fast full-text search. This method can be processed catalogs and other corporate literature. More informations

Update of technical standards

We offer solutions that you can use still valid (current) technical standards, ie. including all changes and fixes. In case of cancellation standards, we will arrange a replacement. And all this without any worries.
More informations

Technical publications

Offer not only domestic but also foreign technical literature. More informations

Trademark registration in China

To register trademarks in China pays first registration system, which means that the trademark holder in the foreign jurisdiction has precedence in China until his marks are not registered. Registration of trademarks in China is over NORMSERVIS Company Ltd. relatively simple process. More informations

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