What are cookies?

Cookie is a small file containing letters and digits, which is sent by the website computer via web browser to your computer or mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as „device“) and saved in harddisk of your device. Cookies allow us indetifying you among other users of our website. Thanks to them, we can offer to you better experience of browsing our website and we can improve our service continuously.

Each website may send its own cookies to your browser if it is enabled by your browser settings. However, your browser (to protect your privacy) allows the website accessing only those cookies which were sent to your device by them before, and not to cookies sent by other website. A lot of websites do that whenever a user goes to them. Thus they can monitor on-line traffic better.

NORMSERVIS s.r.o. respect privacy of any individual who comes to its website and any information collected about users or buyers will be mainly used for improvement of our service. We can do that by proper usage of information. NORMSERVIS s.r.o. uses cookies technology only to improve and facilitate user navigation at its website, to optimise the website for its users, to offer better service to buyers and for marketing purposes; in general, NORMSERVIS s.r.o. uses cookies technology to improve service for its existing and future customers (buyers) and seller's website users in accordance with their individual needs.

Before visiting the website, user of NORMSERVIS s.r.o. website shall be informed on possible saving of cookies in his/her end device, and s/he is briefly informed about information which shall be saved in cookies in his/her end device as well as about options disabling saving of such files.

Third party's cookies

In some cases, we use advertising third party's cookies, which allow us understanding and improving efficiency of our advertisements at our own website, as well as on third party's website. Such cookies are sometimes used for personalisarion, change of focus and optimisation of on-line advertisements.

We use the following services which may use cookies: Google Analytics, Google AdSence, Google Adwords, Yandex metrica, Sklik, Heureka, Facebook and Smartsupp chat.

How to disable cookies?

By using our website you express your consent with using the aforementioned cookies.

However, each modern browser allows you changing cookies settings. You may set your device to receive any cookies, to notify you about cookies release, or to never accept cookies. If you choose the last option, some personalized functions could not be offered to you and thus you would not be able to use all the functions of relevant website. Each browser is different, so please, go through the menu of Help, Options or Default setting, where you can learn how to change cookies seetings.

We recommend you not disabling cookies while visiting our website.

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We need your consent to the use of individual data so that you can show information about your interests, among other things.