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Technical standards, service, normalisation, legislation and software

Due to the fact that we have become the contracting partner of many significant companies from countries all over the world dealing with technical standards publishing, we can offer very prompt terms of delivery and also the most favourable prices on the market.

Favourite publishers

Technical Publications

The offered publications represent selection of technical standards and can be used particularly by technical workers and managers. Our scope of goods also includes textbooks intended for technical studies (e.g. construction industry, engineering, electric equipment industry), and various licence cards and logbooks (Logbook for lifting device, Crane operator licence, Binding operator licence). Publications which would help you find information on ferrous and non-ferrous materials are highly estimated...

Registration of Trademark in China and Hong Kong


The first-to-file and single-class system for trademark registrations apply in China, which means that the owner of a trademark in a foreign jurisdiction has no priority in China unless and until it has filed its marks. The exception is “well-known” foreign trademarks, such as Coca-Cola or McDonalds or similar ones, though the applicability of this category is limited to only the largest and most famous of marks. The same trademark, if used for different products, should be registered in a number of appropriate classes. If the application proceeds smoothly then it will take approximately a year to fully register the trademark in China and 6 months to register the trademark in Hong Kong...

Why to Purchase Goods in Our Company?

  • The largest scope of technical standards and publications in the market
  • Assistance for specification of standards free of charge
  • Information on brand new standards
  • Updates for your standards
  • Prompt execution of orders
  • The lowest possible shipping price
  • Payment by credit cards allowed
  • Over 23 years in the market
Make use of our service and see for yourselves that we are reliable and professional for each customer.

Technical Standards and Updates (Control)

standards control

This website provides a lot of information related to Czech technical standards (ČSN, PNE, TPG, TDG, TIN, TNI, TD) and even the previews for most of them. You can find out which standards have been published newly, you can get "Overview of ČSN national standards in force" and overview of all classes of ČSN standards free of charge. In particular, you can purchase the standards on very favourable terms. If you want us to do so we could keep your standards updated, i.e. we could supply you automatically with new corrections and substitutes for the withdrawn standards. Due to increasing demand for foreign standards, we can provide you with many foreign national standards as well as branch standards ...