Metale – New program version

To load new version of Metale program this procedure must be followed:
  1. Create a folder, e.g. UNPACK on your computer.
  2. Copy new version of packed executive Metale program from our pages to the created folder (UNPACK).
  3. Launch the saved-extracting program Metale_U.exe in the created folder (UNPACK).
  4. Copy the created program Metale.exe into root folder Metale. In case of using executive program in the network , copy program Metale.exe into appropriate network folder.

Nová verze programu: Metale_U.exe

To load new version of Portex program (serves to load new data, or restore backups) this procedure must be followed:
  1. Do kořenové složky Kovy nakopírujte z našich stránek novou verzi programu Portex.

Nová verze programu: Portex.exe

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