EviLit – Register of borrowings

The library may serve you to register borrowings in catalogue of registered objects. This means basically registering and keeping of borrow-cards by the help of computer. This register is linked with catalogue of objects, register of orders and register of bookings, which allows entering new records not only from this library of borrowings but also from other mentioned databases. Furthermore, linking simplifies work and reduces the staff error rate. Of course, you may use bar code technology. It is possible to find out who borrowed or have borrowed specific objects or which objects are borrowed or have been borrowed by specific borrower. It is possible to separately display active borrowings and returned borrowings as well. The system enables to register borrowings for unlimited period with automatic sending of reminders when returning date is not fulfilled. When borrowing expensive objects it is possible to keep also register of paid financial deposits. Forms are prepared for entering new records and correction of the old ones.

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