What is a Trademark in China

Trademark is an identification mark that allows distinguishing the same products and services performed by different producers, resp. providers. Within trademark registration it is possible to register words, collocations of words, names, letters, numbers, logos, acronyms, combinations of letters and numbers, slogans, pictograms, pictures, design, graphics, portraits, sets of letters, words and graphic elements, labels, vignettes, spatial (three-dimensional) objects, such as goods and packing, colours and combinations of colours, jingles or musical phrases.

Trademark is always related to the specific goods or services that are provided under the trademark. The trademark may not be identical, confusable or similar to an existing trademark registered in the particular region. Gained protection grants the trademark’s owner exclusive right to use the trademark, to prevent third party from using the trademark without trademark’s owner approval, to grant a third party approval (licence) for use of the trademark, and to assign the right for the trademark to third party (e.g. to sell that). Registration of trademark will secure your investments in advertisement and promotion of goods and protect your goodwill.

The period of validity of a registered trademark shall be 10 years and is counted from the date of approval of the registration; the period of validity of a registered trademark may be renewed every 10 years if required by the owner.

Trademark is key property of enterprise. It is the basis for commercial relationships and the majority of corporate capital, which may be further used in through licence, franchising and merchandising.

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